My original plan for today was cleaning the chicken coop… whoopee.  But high, gusting winds talked me out of having chicken… dust and straw… swirling around me!

I voted instead for finishing up my calendar.

I got it done, too!  I would have been thrilled to post the link here.  I have one little glitch with it, though, and figured if I posted it, people would instantly rush to buy it… right?????  😉  and if they couldn’t, well, they probably wouldn’t come back to buy again.

All I want to do is raise the title font up on the cover about .5″… and for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to do that!!

There is no “help” available on weekends with, so I guess I wait until Monday morning to see if my OCD can be satisfied, and the title of the calendar gets centered!  I’ve gone again with lulu, as last year seemed to be a success.  You order directly from them, and they print them as they are ordered, so I’m not left with a stack of calendars that don’t get sold.  I was thrilled with the quality… it is ring bound on quality paper and the printing is excellent!  There are 13 large photos, and yes, the one with Alice the horse and the yellow flower that you chose, is one of the large ones, while the other one you voted on (Vernon in B&W or color) decorates a holiday.  Major U.S. holidays have a photo on them… plus, my favorite little holiday of Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th!

Seeing as how sitting at a computer and occasionally changing out the laundry doesn’t qualify for Great Western Photography…  Enjoy this one instead!

red leaf




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  1. Love the delicateness of the leaf – just ready to grace the earth below.
    Good news about your calendar. I’m looking forward to getting one!

  2. I’m with you on the change of a font size. Can make such a difference. My Dad had his own printing business in the days when each letter and space was done by hand. You had soooooooooo much more control. Took me a while to ‘bond’ with computers who though they knew best. Good luck with lulu on Monday and well done on completing your calendar.

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