Wear Some Clothes Today, Eh?

“Wear some clothes today, eh?”  was the recommendation of my husband this morning.  Before  your imagination runs amok, it was his way of telling Victoria and I that it was cold outside and that warm clothing was the order of the day.  So, layered up with fleece-lined jeans and chinks, t-shirt, flannel shirt, sweatshirt, gloves, scarf, hat, and Carhartt… we headed out the door to go saddle our horses.  Victoria had come over last night, bringing her troop back over just to celebrate her 30th birthday with us.  Thirty.  THIRTY!  Holy cow… how did that happen????

Although the day was bright and sunny, the thermometer was low and there was just enough breeze that we didn’t ever shed any layers despite riding until 3 pm.  We could go down a ravine and almost heat up enough you *thought* about peeling off a layer… then you’d top out on the other side and that breeze would hit you again, causing you to instinctively turtle up.  Sucking your shoulders up, your head down into your scarf, trying to cover your body as much as you could!

It was still a gorgeous day for gathering cows!

Mesa gather

Mesa gather 2

We had offered to put this off a day… but Victoria WANTED to ride on her birthday… and, really, when things look like this… why wouldn’t you???

Mesa gather 3

I hope you had a wonderful, wonderful birthday, my dear!  Even if we did have to “wear some clothes today”!!!



Wear Some Clothes Today, Eh? — 11 Comments

  1. Looks like you two are ready for a good time! What a nice way to spend a birthday, Victoria! (your aunt always called you “Tori” when talking to me regarding you! How nice you can spend the day with your mom in this beautiful area of Wyoming! Your boys are growing so fast (of course you know that) Happy Birthday

  2. Looks like a very gorgeous day to enjoy Victoria’s Birthday…being together, riding, gathering cows…a bright blue sky and fall vistas.

    You cowgirls rock! 🙂

  3. What a great way to spend a Birthday. Wonderful photos. I might see some cows in rural England on my 30 minute train journey today to visit family. More likely to be sheep grazing on the lush green grass on a chilly sunny morning.

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