Chicken in the Cold

After the frigid cold we’ve been having, a day where it gets up into the teens and twenties feels pretty dog gone good!  You’re ready to get out of the house and go for a walk… maybe a short one, but a walk all the same.

Since the cold hit, Truce, the black cat, has taken up residence under the ramp to the chicken coop.  Why he picked that place, I don’t know, but that’s his place.  And yes, I said HE.  Truce is NOT a girl.  Then the past few nights, when I’ve locked up the chickens, Truce has been INSIDE the coop.  Hey, heat lamp, straw, warm water, and mice… it’s cat heaven!  He doesn’t wander too much in the snow… he’s pretty much a sissy.  Then again, so are my chickens!  My chickens are chicken!  My last ones didn’t mind the snow, at least if it wasn’t deep, but these girls?  They don’t want to stick their heads out of the door!

Ah… this next generation!


Truce goes from coop to ramp to top of cat food container… chickens go a foot out the door!

I guess that’s equivalent to my short walks…

We’re all chicken in this cold!



Chicken in the Cold — 7 Comments

  1. Our Rascal is Kaycee’s version or Truce, from the sound of it. Once he found the chicken house, he found home. Glad it warmed up for you! Enjoy the sunshine!

  2. Truce is a smart kitty … Chickens are so entertaining…. especially avoiding the snow if they can… You have a nice set up for all….

  3. Clever and smart cat with a great name! He’ll earn his keep for sure.
    Now, what about that big handsome rooster? How does he like the cold and snow?

  4. Snow makes for such pretty pictures! It shows up the rustic wood and barnyard scenes so well. Love that you named the cat Truce! 🙂

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