Friend’s Gift

With the cold and the snow (6′ in Buffalo, NY, really???) my mind thinks of wool…

Here’s my first wool BOWL!

wool bowl1

I cut a resist from some soft plastic (floor underlayment) about 5″ across.  I began to layer wool roving under and over it, each time changing the direction of the roving, and pulling the excess around the edges onto the other side.

wool bowl2

Natural colors were mixed randomly…

wool bowl3

Although it *looks* like I cut clear through, I didn’t… I only cut an opening for the top of my flat bowl.  It is the resist you see in the hole.  Pull it out, run some hot soapy water, and rub and rub and beat and rub.  It shrinks, it thickens, you shape it, and finally, voila!

wool bowl4

A simple little bowl, perfect for car keys or a special treasure, given as a gift to a Friend!


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