Snow!  Gobs of it!

Well, not New York style, but a good little storm this afternoon and evening.


The kind where you feel you’ve transported to the Enterprise right before it goes into warp speed… which I would have taken a photo of but I preferred to *stop* my “shuttlecraft” before pulling out the camera.  Maybe you get the idea?  Otherwise, I think I’ll have a passenger take the Warp Speed photo and I’ll just concentrate on driving through this stuff!

Eight inches and counting…

I’ll be leaving early for work in the morning…



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  1. Be careful navigating your 4-wheeled craft….
    And I wanted to tell you about a fun craft that my niece found on Pinterest.
    How to make a snow globe with an ordinary Mason jar. It requires some glycerin, but she was successful. Maybe you’ll find it after Thanksgiving and make a few for the grandkids!!

  2. Looks chilly out there Carol. Drive safely into work today. Mmmm a day for a nice hot chocolate when you get into work.

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