Hey, You!

Hey, you!

Yeah, I mean you!

Thanks so much for reading this little blog, commenting, supporting me in my wacky life, buying calendars (or whatever else I may have for sale…) and just BEING THERE!

My readers are amazing people!

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving day, no matter what you did!

mule deer


Hey, You! — 10 Comments

  1. I wouldn’t miss it! My computer, phone, and TV were down the past 2 days, and I had a case of Rimrock-Withdrawal. 🙂 But I got a lot of neglected tasks done. BTW – the calendar arrived and it’s really beautiful. Thanks
    for all the care that went into selecting the photos.

  2. Want to wish you and your fabulous family Happy Holidays – With the Merriest of Christmases. It will be fun with the grandkids, I am sure.
    I do so enjoy your blog. All of my family is on Facebook, but I haven’t been brave enough to log on to it. Maybe some day.
    Thanks for your continuing to make life interesting to us.

  3. You think we who watch daily are amazing? What keeps us doing that is your amazing site! Since I found it I have not missed a day looking to see what you are up to! How about your Thanksgiving? We had dinner at Neil’s sister’s and tomorrow we are having 18 for brunch including those from CO and MN. Just got rhe pecan rolls ready to raise and bake in the morning,

  4. Thank you for your amazing blog about real life in another part of this country. I love to start my mornings reading about your adventures, your family, your dogs (they are sorta family), and see pictures of your art creations.

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