I mentioned I have the theme of “A Christmas Carol” for the library… Victorian… Charles Dickens… right?

While trolling for ideas on the internet, I saw a pic of a little chair, a crutch, a top hat, and fiddle set just in a corner… and I *LOVED* it!  Tiny Tim’s chair.  Can everyone say, “Aaaaaaawwww”?   So I’ve been wanting a top hat (and I may have found one on Amazon – of course… we have little kids’ oak chairs for our kids’ reading table, that was NOT going to be a problem… today… I made a crutch.

Tiny Tim crutch

There’s always a pile of limbs around somewhere on this place… so I slid out to one (it’s alternately icy and muddy around here!) and cut a forked branch.  A little time with my sanding wheel on my grinder…  A torn up sheet wrapped around the top.

I liked it.

I had drug the end through some mud… but that white sheet?  It was just too…. white!

Well… dirt stains are not a problem around here… ha ha… but the wind was howling today and it was cold, blowing the next storm in after melting some and now re-freezing.  Well, I’d just do the next best thing.

I made a hot cuppa!  The tea and honey was delish, but the tea bag got put to use too!

Nice brown tea bag stains quite well.


Tiny Tim's crutch 2

And after…

Tiny Tim's crutch 3

Oh, yeah.

Much more “authentic”!

Now… that top hat…



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