If you’d like to see the photos in each of my calendars before you buy…

You need to click on PREVIEW below the cover photo…

Here’s the link for the black and white one.

Here’s the color version!

I hope that helps!

Today was spent at the library, again setting up for the Open House/Silent Auction.  I will take photos when I’m back to work on Wednesday… but let’s enjoy something else besides the interior of Ten Sleep’s Library!

How about the little skiff of snow we received yesterday?



Skiff — 4 Comments

  1. I love the photo, too! Love the way the snow, gentle hills, and trees look in the background in contrast to the dramatic red rocks. Also notice the nice header – the 5 elk on their way to Five Sleep (a suburb of Ten Sleep!)
    hahaha…I’m baad. 🙂

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