Best Advantage

My last day before our Library Open House and Silent Auction.  Did I get everything finished I wanted to??


There never seems to be enough time.

But I’ll donate a calendar, a soapstone, and maybe even some honey if I can part with it!!!  Then there’s this little item.

wool mittens

These are made of local wool from the Anderson Sheep Company.  The wool was sent off to have these made… then I got hold of them.  A decorative accent was called for…

holly wool mitten

So a decorative band was added with needlefelting… and I added a holly leaf on top of that.  Since there is no “right” or “left”, I then decided to make the other side not so festive… and more appropriate for times other than the holidays.

dots wool mittens

I kinda like it… Megan is modeling them for me.  Well, let’s show them off to their best advantage…

baby dots wool mittens

See?  Aren’t they REALLY CUTE now?

Up for bid, tomorrow at 6 pm.  (the mitttens, not the baby!)  Be there or be square.



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