Hot wassail.

Honey and cinnamon tea.



Thieves oil.

Ben Gay.

Neti pot.

Lots of ice water.

Great book (A Wise Man’s Fear) (affiliate link) and warm blanket.

A couple tears for the Christmas party I’d been anticipating for weeks (prime rib, dancing, cheesecake, New Fancy Clothes) that I missed tonight because of this cold…

Poor, poor me.

I’m feeling better though, and I have hopes for tomorrow!



Hopes — 11 Comments

  1. Such a disappointment to miss special things at Christmas. But I am glad you are doing better! Sending wishes that you bill be 100% by Christmas!

  2. Glad you are over the worst with this cold. I’m sure that Patrick Rothfuss novel kept your mind off the worst symptoms. 😉 I would be bummed about missing what sounds like a great party too!

  3. I’m so sorry. I have done that before on Christmas week. Sounds like you are doing as much as you can. It’s windy like crazy here today. First of company is to come.

  4. Glad you’re feeling better! I’m googling Thieves Oil.
    I enjoy your blog every morning.
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

  5. Oh Carol, so sorry to hear you missed your Christmas party. I do hope you continue to improve in time for the holidays.

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