Well, I’m just about back to normal… thanks for all the well wishes!

Unfortunately, I had to go to Worland today… it was the last day I had to get my driver’s license renewed… and Wyoming has made that process such a pain.  I needed less information to get my passport!  So, I had all my papers in line, and the lady was nice, but inside I’m grumbling and groaning!  It was over fast, and easy enough, but the *thought* of getting all the paper work together, I guess, is what I’m whining about!

The other part of my whining today was based on the roads.  I should have known the first five miles would be the worst!  Blecch!  An ice road trucker, I am NOT!  After that I could increase my mph from 35 to 55, and even 60 in some spots!  The return home was not any fun either as another snowstorm blew in while I was gone, and this time from outside Ten Sleep a few miles plus the last 20 miles home was nasty.  On and off ground blizzards… ick.

I’m putting along at 40 mph (maybe) and visibility is low due to it’s snowing and it’s dark and I have my low beams on because, well, it’s SNOWING… and it’s DARK… when I see 7 mule deer, head to fuzzy little tails, single filing across the highway.  I tap my brakes and feel the antilock kick in.  Tap, antilock, tap, antilock… well, pooh, they weren’t moving and like the good Wyoming driver that I am… I’m *not* going to swerve!  But neither am I stopping… tap… antilock…  I’m preparing myself for smucking a deer, when I honk my horn!

They scrambled 7 different ways, thankfully, all of them were out of my way!  Snow flew from their hooves and it was like some Laurel and Hardy routine or something!  Yes, I laughed… halfway because it was comical, halfway because I didn’t smuck any of them!

(Smuck: verb:  meaning to hit with force or jarring impact.  aka, “schmuck”, not to be confused with “He’s a schmuck/idiot/nimrod/doofus/”


Some of you have asked what Thieves Oil is… (affiliate link)  It is an essential oil, blended of cloves, rosemary, and cinnamon, plus other oils.  I use this when I feel a cold coming on, and it’s worked for me… plus this is one where I *love* the smell!  Some Essential Oils are too overwhelming, but this one I could smell all the time!


Smuck — 5 Comments

  1. Great story! I bet the deer were having a snack, compliments of their flying cousins! 🙂

    Good you are home safe, and feeling well.

  2. Love your comment Peg. We have no snow here. higher mountains yes, but not here. Kooskia, Idaho.
    Our process for drivers license renewal is very simple. Love where I live even more.
    Sure am happy your are so much better Carol.

  3. Wow! I’m thankful you got home safe. I think we have to produce more information for a driver’s license renewal than the President had to produce to run for the Presidency, producing a bogus birth certificate!

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