Well, I hope your Christmas was full of bright laughter, friends, and family.

The quiet has returned this afternoon as Victoria and family returned to their home.  My house seems empty and my decorations are looking a bit sad…

I’m thrilled to say I got some cool presents… topping the list is my new tiny GoPro camera!  I’m really looking forward to the time lapse feature!  I hope to share some amazing movies with that!  Wyoming weather, here we come!  Everything else is more personal… but the GoPro?  Yeah, you’ll get the benefits of that present!


Feeding cattle…

Story telling…

We seemed to have full days.

Now things will fall back into a more regular routine…

feed bunk



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  1. No snow for Christmas here in WNY, nor in mid-Ontario where I am visiting family. Glad your family had a wonderful Christmas and that you got a cool NEW camera. (I need to retire my old Olympus that uses film!!!)

  2. Our daughter and family started back to Tulsa yesterday, 1,000 mile drive. The first 300 miles yesterday were snowy and slick, seeing several trucks over-turned. They will be going the next 500 miles from Kearney, NE today. My brother and Niece will get early flights to IN and CA early tomorrow morning. Glad they didn’t all leave at the same time! We had a great time together!

  3. Yep, back to normal. Except we now have snow shoveling added in. Right now around 8 inches and continuing to grow. tee hee Today I can put my rig in 4 wheel drive for the first time. YIPPPEE?????????????

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