Pillow Results

A couple of you have asked how the grandsons liked their pillow beds I made them for Christmas.  Well, they were a hit, and yes, Daniel even admitted to stealing Jaxon’s for a quick nap!  In fact, I do believe it was Jaxon that was the most thrilled…

Here he was, making himself at home on Quinlan’s while Quinlan was off opening more presents…

pillow bed

I don’t think I ever got a pic of him on his own… but he’d flop down and snuggle for a minute, then get back up and go…

The twins used theirs that night since we always just make them a pallet on the floor of the Indian room.  They aren’t yet fond of sleeping in my cold basement or sleeping alone in the bunk beds!  I imagine they’ll get more use out of them the older they get.

I did make a couple other presents, and I’ll share those in the coming days… and if you were expecting a calendar from me this year – most of my relatives get one for free – once I figure out my shipment order, you *will* be getting one… there’s just a slight delay!

And since I brought it up… please feel free to purchase your Red Dirt In My Soul 2015 calendar HERE!


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  1. I hate to ask this but can you please, please put the directions back up for how you made the grandkids pillow beds? I meant to save it but must have deleted it. Sure would thank you. Can’t wait for the Go Pro videos.

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