I woke up to a blizzard… boy, the wind was blowing and the snow was coming down!  When it was done, we’d received 5 more inches on what we already have… time to break out the snowshoes!  I faced the wind and squinted as I walked to the chicken coop… brrr.  A few fumbling missteps and I made it to my studio.  I hope to keep making it out there as much as possible.  I guess you could call it my Resolution of the Year, though I hate making resolutions!  I’m just tired of not being out there!  I want it finished, I want to create!!!

I’ve played with charcoal (a summertime gift from an unknown friend)…

charcoal dingo

then today I tried my hand at colored pencils, something I haven’t used since I used to color geological maps at my high school job.  These were a gift from a co-worker.  I just attempted to copy the view out my studio window, but with the snow and low visibility, it wasn’t much of a scene.

colored pencil snow

Then I did a bit of cleaning and organizing.  I have a little heater out there, but I’m usually drawing while wearing my Carhartt and wool fingerless gloves… so getting up and moving for a bit is necessary to get the circulation warmed up again!  I’m almost ready to move out most of my tools and put them in the garage.  I only have the ceiling and trim to finish, so some things can find a new home.  My nail gun quit on me yesterday, so I’ll have to see about a new one.  I contemplated buying some finishing nails and just doing it the old fashioned way, but decided that nailing things on the ceiling by yourself is best done with a nail gun, not a hammer!  Now to see what brand my brother recommends… this one was a Senco, but he didn’t like it and gave it to me… maybe there was a reason…

I played with my GoPro… and tried to make a movie…

I started taking down Christmas… and just seemed to make a mess…

Then I tried another watercolor scene.  My paints are still in the house, painting at 5˚ in the studio just won’t work…

watercolor 1 IMG_7916 IMG_7917 IMG_7920 IMG_7924 IMG_7925

(this is a painting by Grant Fuller I tried to copy)

Tomorrow we’ll start bringing the cows in to feed them, so tons of things going on here!

Please note… my calendars are on sale, the first time I’ve ever done that, so grab one today!  I’ll take them off the market soon, so don’t wait too long.

It’s time for another Q&A.  I don’t have any questions yet, so, c’mon, you be the first to ask!



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  1. I love to see your different sketches etc. and know how hard and long the wait has been to create your own studio. Each day you are “one day closer”! 🙂 I loved the artwork you shared today.

    Questions: how is Truce doing with the mouse-eradication?
    how far a road do you have between the house and the main road
    (i.e. to clear the snow when necessary?)

  2. 1. When you drive over the Big Horn mountains on Highway 16, how long a drive is it to reach Buffalo?
    2. What is your favourite time of year on the ranch.
    Thanks Carol

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