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Vernon asked me to help feed this morning.  We had awoke to -11˚… and if I helped, the boys could do their feeding, and then turn the cows in that were standing at the gate.  Vernon could get an earlier chance at snowmobiling out to turn off a generator and pump.  Of course, I’d help.  Remember?  Remember?  When the boys were in school and at college, I was out everyday helping!  How lazy I’ve become…

Fleece lined jeans, bib Carhartt overalls, t-shirt, flannel shirt, Carhartt coat, warm boots, wool mittens, scarf, and two hats!  Boy, I was ready!  The selfie I took this morning made me look ridiculous, so I won’t be sharing *THAT*.  Anyway… I figured I was prepared.  Then we drove down to the other place, 7 am on the dot… don’t ever let it be said that we start work at 8 am around here!

Normally, Vernon uses the bale feeder, but this old tractor has problems.  The PTO quit working and that drives the bale feeder… so today we’re loading two bales on the pickup.  Every time Vernon tried to pick up a bale, he’d have to jump out and wrestle with hydraulic hoses.  I don’t think he was particularly enjoying that.

hay bales

See?  Taken from *inside* the nice, warm pickup!  The calves were eager for breakfast and stood staring at my headlights…

feeding calves

Then it was back for two more bales… and then a trip to the creek.  Look, the turkeys aren’t even out of bed yet!

chopping ice

Then more hay… wrestle hydraulic hoses…  and more hay… and more wrestling…  Feeding two bales at a time is not productive!  By 10 am, though, I was back in the house, and I had spent 2 minutes out in the cold!  Well, ok, the pickup was cold there for a while… 😉

The cows that were waiting at the fenceline have been turned in, and who knows?  I may be asked to help feed some more pretty soon!


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  1. I hope you are still asking for questions because I have one not about the ranch but about Longmire. Since Longmire has been taken off A & E and as far as I know not been picked up by anyone will you still have Longmire Days? Is there anything that you or the Longmire Days can do to keep the TV series going? I have given my husband every Longmire book and he loves them. Please get something started from your area to see if something can be done. Thanks.

  2. Question… does sweet Eden stay in the house overnight or do any of your dogs?… Hope your chickens are doing ok in this cold… Happy New Year….

  3. If equipment isn’t working right, it sure puts a damper on everything else, doesn’t it? We are right behind you on getting the last of the cows in. It will be a tractor or snowmobiling activity for us too! Sure love warm winter clothing!

  4. Hard, cold day for you. tee hee Some days you get lucky. We have around 2 feet of WET, heavy snow. Hard to tell how much we have, as it is now raining.
    So pretty much ugly. I just finished feeding horses. (5am)
    I’m sure Vernon was happy to have you with him.

  5. Wow! It’s about 4:30a.m. Now and the horrific wind woke me up. I hope feeding today up there in Tensleep isn’t as “roaringly” windy as it is in Casper this morning!

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