I did help Vernon again… leaving the boys to ride horses in the badlands and gather the last of the reluctant cows… I do believe this is the first time NEITHER one of us has gone… Which, really… is just kinda WEIRD.  I mean, there’s times where I don’t ride anymore, but Vernon’s usually there on a four wheeler or in the pickup or riding… but, nope.  Not today.

feeding cattle

While waiting on Vernon to load the bales, I have come up with my next big blog post… Ten Things You May Not Know About… Haystacks!  Honestly… hold on to your seats, ladies and gentlemen, you’ll see it here in the next few days!!

Today I couldn’t resist the grey skies, the creek and the frost on everything…

grey skies



Still time for a question or two… post ’em here!


Frosty — 3 Comments

  1. Hay, Hay, Hay! Looking forward to it!!!

    I’m still looking at the December 2014 pups on my calendar here at my work desk. I love that pic and the little one on Christmas, so I am not wanting to put anything else up. I may have to frame that one.

  2. Great photos Carol. No frost here but a gentle sunrise with the sky on the horizon just turning pink. A few bare trees silhouetted in the distance. If you want to see some photos of this area, follow Croome NationalTrust on Twitter. The National Trust buy up historic properties and open them to the public most with coffee shop, gift shop, picnic areas and places to walk. Croome was built between 1751 & 1752 and was home to the Earls of Coventry. They don’t post photos every day but when the do they are great. A cute little robin a few days ago and sunsets.

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