So, I wander from house to studio… Draw a little…

charcoal sheltie

Repair a chair… decide I need some great sandpaper to get those corners and interior edges…

Nail some boards, then I go on a search for more…

Back and forth, trudging through the snow.

Brandon has his calves wandering around, and I take the time to reinforce to Eden that she can be close to calves and not chase, or bark, but just get some good lovin’ and relax… when I notice something wrong.

wire heifer

Well, calves aren’t known for being super smart… and they are CURIOUS little boogers.  She has wire around her neck, and around her feet.  She’s very mellow about the whole thing.  Sometimes her legs are free and she’s just dragging this wire through the snow.  Then she stops and turns around and she’s a mess all over again.

wire heifer 2

This wire had been hanging in a shed, and she went and stuck her head in it… then created all this mess!  We definitely don’t have wire just randomly laying around, she had to try a bit to do this!  She wasn’t hurt, she wasn’t in a panic… so I put my thinking cap on.

I can’t walk them all to the corral… that would just be ugly with me sweating in the deep snow and cussing because they would run the opposite way, I may have been around calves before…  I’m smart enough to NOT just step on the wire, I could see my foot getting entangled as she spooked and drug me through the snow!  I did go get a long handled shovel, thinking I could snag it good enough… and all the calves were curious about it EXCEPT HER.

OK.  Fine.  Time for ZEN with the calves!

Remember I told you they are curious critters?  I stood there, and sure enough, they have to come check me out.  Most of the time, I just ignore them… so this was something new.  Pretty quick one is licking the back of my coat, and another snuffles at my side (and that tickles, just fyi)  She’s at the edge of the bunch, and she knows I’m looking for her!  Fine, I’ll let the other calves do my work.  I take one step sideways, and two calves readjust their “bubbles”.  They step on the wire.  I lean to my left and she backs up a step as well.  Zen.  Breathe.  One more step sideways, and they turn away.  Yup, here comes the loop over her neck!  Another step… it’s off!  For a minute, the wire is around another calf’s front leg, but with a little give and take, he’s free as well.


I feel like a superhero!  Well, ok, maybe not… but that was my good deed of the day!!!! And you?  Did you get to help someone today???


Superhero — 9 Comments

  1. Good thinking! Wow – luck and skill added to your heroic deed! So glad this turned out to be a happy story. And the sheltie sketch is adorable.

  2. EXCELLENT stock handling skills Carol! Being able to read those calves, and know just how much and where to move yourself. Very Well Done! Did Eden get to watch/help you too? More training for her.

  3. Cats, Cows and Calves – very curious animals!!! They want to sniff and taste everything. You can use them all interchangeably in that old saying about cats and curiosity.

  4. Not as good a deed as yours Carol, but I did let a lady go in front of me at the checkout yesterday. She had a couple of items and I had more, buried in the basket with wheels, under my other shopping bags. She was very grateful. I was quite happy to have an extra minute to just stand before unloading my basket after one hour of Pilates and a walk (trudge more like) up the hill from the car park. Lucky calf that you were around to help out.

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