The new bulls from Sitz Angus Ranch have been here a while now… separated from the other bulls to help them settle in and give them a period of quarantine time.  It’s time to join the big bunch.

But first, our brand has to be applied.  With the good cattle market, the price of bulls has also jumped, and there’s No Way we want to lose one of these boys!

I went along to help and photograph… and ended up babysitting the irons to keep them hot.  I would sneak a photo every bit though!

bull branding

Brandon gave me a side view… but Daniel’s back was always turned to me…

bull branding 2

Well, that’s what I get for peeking through the doorway…

bull branding 3

A little more and they were finished.

new bulls

They’re with the big bunch of bulls now… mission accomplished!


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  1. I really like that first photo! The bare bulb, his intent profile, the smoke curling up, the door handle.. all adds up to a striking picture to me.

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