FYI… When the power goes out and your computer is on… it seemingly takes FOREVER for it to “repair” my photos… of course, it’d help if I didn’t have a zillion and a half pics on here!
So… instead of patiently waiting…
I’m giving up for the night.
Somehow, I’m not in the mood.
“Tomorrow is another day.”
In Memoriam
D. Geraldine Underwood Burton
b. July 9, 1931
d. January 29, 2010
Always you are with me.


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  1. Carol I am so sorry for your loss. My experience is that the raw pain subsides with time, the missing them doesn’t. Enjoy the good memories and get through those ‘marker days’ the best you can.

  2. Geraldine Burton, my very best friend! I still have lots of memories of our trips together, one to Jackson Hole with another friend…Jackson, where we are today to watch the dog sled races tonight. Jerri was a wonderful lady. I’ still every Sunday miss her car being parked in front of ours at church! I have many thoughtful gifts from her…always blue as that was and is my favorite color. She even gave me blue staples for my stapler! I’m sure she is in heaven waiting for us to come some day! Loved her so much!

  3. Before Christmas I bought a “thumb drive” (zip drive/flash drive) so I can backup all my pictures and files in case the computer crashes. They’re inexpensive ($15.00 ish) and might help your peace of mind. Wish I could help with the power outage problem!

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