When you combine a split hose, water, and Wyoming winter, you get…

ice sculpture

There is a fine mist spraying into the center.  Every texture of ice is portrayed.

meltedThe melted glass look…

sugar iceSugared crystalline grass…

feathered ice

Feathered ice.

And speaking of feathers…

Upon my approach, I instantly saw it.  Do you?


On the right, an Indian medicine man, arms outstretched, watching the spray.

The ice has formed feathers… wonderful ice feathers!  Spread like a bustle, hanging from his arms, framing his face, feathers outline his shape.

mm2mm from aboveice feathersYou can almost hear him chanting…



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  1. What amazing pictures Carol. Nature is so wonderful. You have such a gift to see beyond the frozen water and lift our spirits to see more of what nature gives us. The medicine man looks fantastic.

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