Bats and Owls and Starlight

For the past few weeks, our neighbor has been drilling a water well.  It quickly became apparent we weren’t used to strange lights in our neighborhood at night!  You could top the hill up the road a mile or two, and wonder at the glowing reflection on the red cliffs and hills.

water wellI mean, this rig is BRIGHT.  I tried to capture that, but couldn’t get the light on the hills to show up without washing out the rig… This is it from the highway, and I’m probably zoomed in a bit.  That light bounced, especially when we had snow last week, and the entire area just had a fairy glow about it…. for MILES!

Then I zoomed in.

water rigIt is pretty… and I was happy to finally get a pic that wasn’t blurry or overexposed!

I haven’t heard how they’ve done, if they’ve found water or not, but I have appreciated how  my garage and a few trees are blocking this light during the night!  They won’t be here for long, but for someone that’s used to no streetlights, not much traffic, and no neighbor’s lights… this has been a jarring reminder of how most people have to share the nighttime with others besides bats and owls and starlight!


Bats and Owls and Starlight — 3 Comments

  1. Interesting to be digging a well in winter!?! I hope it’s not too noisy for you at night, either. I can hardly imagine how stunning a clear night sky with oodles of stars must be for you to view.

  2. I agree. Beautiful picture though. I cherish the quiet and lack of traffic. You saw where I live and it is not as remote as you, but still, I can walk out at night and see only the lights that God turns on.

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