Well, that’s just dandy.  When my computer gets shut down with a power surge or outage (which I didn’t notice anywhere else), it makes the grand decision to rebuild my photo library.  My photo library has so many pics in it… well, it’s embarrassing.  But know this… it takes TIME.

And tonight was one of those nights I’ve put off posting until late…

I think you see the writing on the wall.

My new post of making a felted wool scarf will be delayed due to technical difficulties.  I guess that’s OK, I mean, it’s not completely finished.  I want to add details to it by needle felting on some decorations…

What else can we talk about?  What topic have I missed lately?  I forgot a Q&A at the beginning of the month, so… ooops.  I also forgot my blogoversary last month!  How silly of me!  I usually like parties!  😉  It’s been a lot of stories and a bazillion photos here since 2008!  Holy cow!  Have you noticed how MC just keeps restoring all my old blog posts with photos???  She’s Awesome!

I have some ideas for more “10 Things You May Not Know About” articles, maybe on honeybees/tractors/cows.  (Not all together!!!)  They’re not finished, so… nope, you don’t get them tonight either!  Any suggestions in that category?

I’m way behind in movie making…

I’m open to suggestions for this blog at all times… so if you’re curious about how something works around here, shoot me an idea for a blog post.

Obviously, I had my heart on sharing my wool scarf with you.  I’ll forgo that idea for another day… you give me your ideas instead!  Let’s trade, shall we?



Trade — 3 Comments

  1. I have a suggestion: Get one of those relatively inexpensive external drives to use as photo backup, Costco has a 2TB (that’s a lot of photo storage!) for under $100. It’s called My Passport, I got one to take with me when I went on the road last year. Very convenient and you won’t lose photos!

  2. I want to hear more about the puppy! She must be growing up fast. Will she be helping you with calving, or “helping”, or just be kept out of the way?

  3. Looking forward to viewing your new scarf. I love your ‘minute’ videos. Maybe one of the scenery as you go to your studio. Is it far from your house? Do you drive or walk? Does it depend on weather? Do you have a favourite view that you could photo, spring, summer, autumn and winter so we could share in the changes with you. Beautiful sunny morning in Worcestershire. Gonna plant my Lilly of the valley plants/bulbs. Not sure which as I have not yet opened box. They may not flower till next May though.

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