Moonset Pastel


Red rim pastelA few days ago, I posted this as a photo… This is my pastel version!  Yes, the moon is so much bigger, but that’s the way the eyes see it, while the camera doesn’t capture it the same way.

Oh, I’d give this a B- grade, but this is all learning… And these red hills can be difficult to portray!



Moonset Pastel — 5 Comments

  1. What everybody else has said, and a confession: I stole your breathtaking pastel painting of the drifting snow! (Stole, as in: printed it out on my new, very first color printer and tacked it onto the wall beside my desk. Beautiful! Hope you don’t mind!??)

  2. Wonderful!!! I would hang it on my wall. You amaze me. You go from making a scarf to painting, to bee things, to wherever your heart takes you and it all turns out great. God has truly blessed you. And we are all blessed to know you.

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