Minute Movie: “Snow Day”

We woke up to 4″ or 5″ of pretty white snow… and a few more inches by 10 am, and a couple more by noon…

When I ventured out to haul more water and feed to my coop ensconced chickens… my yardstick read anywhere from 10″-16″.  The girls were happy to have me replenish their stores and then I decided I should check on my studio and sweep off my front step.

I tromped my snowy way in, and was very thrilled to see my studio is simply cozy (no unwanted snow blowing in – yayrah!) … and inviting!  I rummaged around, looking for a book.  I finally chose Fanciful Tales by Frank R. Stockton.  It was published in 1894, and is not in the best of shape.  It may become my next little project…  I sat down and could have easily lost myself in reading for the next little bit… but Dally yipped and insisted I come back outside, so off for a trudge (one can hardly call it a walk) through the deep white we went…

Snow Day from Carol Greet on Vimeo.


Minute Movie: “Snow Day” — 11 Comments

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  3. The dogs….lol!! and the snow falling, awesome!! We could sure use some wintery weather here in Northern California before winter is officially over!! 🙁

  4. At this point, I wish we had that much snow!!! We have double your amount! Too much depth to walk or play in, so it was a lot of fun watching your video knowing that in another month we might see the crocuses.

  5. What a treat this video is! Had to watch it over and over. So good to see the dogs (esp. Lucas) enjoying the snow in true doggie fashion. Without making a sound (not counting the cute sneezing), never disturbing your quiet world. Lovely, also, the scene at the end.

  6. What fun! The dogs were sure loving it. I wonder what they were sniffing at down in that deep snow. Thanks, the snow was a beautiful scene. We haven’t had very much, if any, snow this whole winter here in Albuquerque. Kinda jealous!! Send some on down here to us. 😉

  7. It just struck me that Eden doesn’t have a tail.. lol I know, I’m a bit slow in the uptake on that one. Is that a common thing for English shepherds? I think I vaguely noticed before, but didn’t think of the fact that the others do have tails.

  8. They all are enjoying it …. Lucas looks good too…. Looks like If you put a little snow blade on their head they could clean your walkways… LOL … lots of good smells under all that snow… Very pretty too….

  9. The dogs were loving it. Mine would be jealous. We have no snow at all. Flowers coming up, trees budding out, birds nesting. If things keep up like this, I will be mowing the lawn in a week or two. We will be in big trouble this summer. Stay warm.

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