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In a week, I’ll be teaching a couple classes on doodling.  Yes, those little squiggles made during boring meetings, bursts of creativity, and relaxing moments.

What good is doodling?  What can you do with doodles?

Well, here’s my latest creation.

Doodle shoes


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  1. That is just amazing, Carol. It certainly doesn’t look at all like any of my doodles! I would call that beautiful design and art!!!

  2. I don’t think my doodles look like thisBUT, I see there are questions as to what kind of marker for the shoes and how long it took. ‘Course my size tens would take longer that sevens!

  3. I love them. A friend gave me a zentangle book, pens and a sketch pad not long ago and I have not started using them yet. After every meeting, when I would return to our cubicles, she would want to see my doodles because I have a very bad habit of making all kids of drawings on my notes. Lately it has been ducks and chickens. Once I did a whole Viking scene and she made a photo copy of it and has it hanging on her wall. 😉

  4. Those are very cool! Do you use a pen, sharpie, what? Most looks way too fine for a typical sharpie, but maybe a fine point? I did a pair of leather clogs with a sharpie, but it was just some subtle edge detail, nothing to detailed as this. You’ve inspired me, if I can just direct it.

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