Winter Scenes

Two days of absolutely gorgeous weather and the snow is retreating fast!  I’ve taken the twins out in the morning to go sledding because by afternoon, the snow is more mush than snow and it’s hard for three year olds to slog through mush.

Victoria and the boys did leave this afternoon though, which gave me some time to slog through the mush and mud on my own.  My walks were short, often because I’d stop to drag my toe through mud puddles creating draining canals.  I prefer dry roads, so I take the time to dig these ditches!

This February was about the wettest for my father-in-law’s NOAA weather records with over 2″ of moisture.  But don’t let anyone kid you, our biggest storms can come in March and April.  I’ll be trying to show how fast this snow retreats if I can remember to take the photos!

Vernon traveled to Riverton on Saturday and said we’re about the only ones with moisture (snow) of any large amount.  With weather in the 50’s and 60’s predicted… gorgeous white scenes may not be around for long!

winter fence

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Winter Scenes — 4 Comments

  1. Same conditions here in W. New York – things are starting to melt. I still
    have about 28″ of snow in my back yard, though. I heard a cardinal and a woodpecker this morning.

    Glad you and the twins had such a fun time together.

  2. I’m sure glad that the snow is starting to melt again. When Kate and I left there in February for Yuma a lot of it had melted and then it all returned. We’ll be home there in less than a week and hope we’ll be able to see a little green grass again.

  3. Sounds like you had some great fun with your grandkids. They are a joy to have. Love the blue sky in your photo.

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