Heads Up, Craig Johnson Fans!

Remember our big fire at our fire hall?  I called that post Phoenix because I knew this little town’s fire hall would rise from its own ashes!

Well, neighboring towns have been generous in gear and money… raising money at basketball games or bake sales.  Donations have come from across the country directly to our fire department or to a GoFundMe site.  Some of you, my Mighty Readers, have already donated and I thank you for that!  Insurance will cover some of the cost, but, as usually happens, not what we might have expected.

So the members of the Ten Sleep Ambulance decided it was time to put on our own fundraiser.  I’m an alumnus, so I kinda rode their shirttails on the outside edges of the planning…  This Saturday, the TS Ambulance is hosting a chili cookoff.  Yes, with considerable pushing… I’m entering my niece’s yummy recipe for Kicking Green Chili.  (I made up the name!)  There will be judging followed by a chili feed for $5/bowl which includes cheese, onion, cornbread, drink, and cookie.

Also… a silent auction…

Then… a LIVE AUCTION!  And if you’re a Craig Johnson fan or a “Longmire” fan, here’s where you need to pay attention!  My boss at the library wrote Craig to see if he might donate something.  He went far beyond our expectations!!!!  He has donated 10 autographed first edition hardback books of his Longmire series!  That’s an amazing gift and we hope we get enough bids to do this justice!!!  Unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide online bidding, but call the sheriff or someone you know and let them be a proxy bidder for you!  😉

Craig Johnson










This is a special donation and one we won’t forget!!!  Not that local businesses haven’t been generous… there’s a huge metal toolbox and new tires and oil changes and paintings and pot racks and quilts and Firefighter Pocket/Tool Knife and Picnic Time Stadium Seat and Raku fired Horse Hair vase and 10″ Digital Photo Frame and Basket of Homemade Jelly (2) and Wood Turned Bowl and Tub of Honey and Pry Bar set and 2012 American Eagle Silver Dollar and Folding Sawhorses and 100 Gallons of fuel and Bucket of Bullets (.22) and Genuine Swarvoski Crystal and 1 hr. Massage and Bag of Outlaw Rodeo Gear and Wyoming Cowboy etched jar and 6 cookie cutters and Holly Sugar accessory bag and Free standing Electric Fireplace and 30 lbs. of Hamburger and Set of 4 Pottery mugs and Black & Decker Cordless Drill 12v and Wood burned pictures…. more items coming in… Even one of my photos!  Whew!

Then… someone with help from a cousin and sister and two ambulance crew buddies designed this…











We are taking orders.  This is an ash grey phoenix rising behind the Ten Sleep Rural Volunteer Fire Department.  It is printed on a navy tshirt.  It is located on THE BACK of the shirt.  For a minimum donation of $20 (feel free to pay more), this shirt could be yours.  (Add in some for shipping if you really want to help!)


Checks for direct donations to the fire hall can be made to PO Box 405, Ten Sleep, 82442.  FOR TSHIRTS MAKE IT TO TEN SLEEP AMBULANCE, 2946 E. Highway 16, same town, same zip!  Once we place our order, it will take two weeks to receive the shirts, then we’ll send them out.  Please be patient with us.


Now, I don’t normally ask you to share my posts on social media… but I’d really love it if you would with this one.  Share it on Facebook, pin it, tweet it, send it all the love you can!  If you know someone that likes the books or the tv series, email this to them!  Tell them to be creative if they can’t attend… I’m pushing on this one!!!  I know this fire department, I’ve hauled them sandwiches and drinks and driven a truck and pulled hoses, I’ve been to trainings with them when I was on the ambulance and I’ve watched them work their butts off fighting wildland fires on our place.  This is a cause I am FIRMLY behind… I hope you can be there with me too!  Heads up, firefighter fans, and Craig Johnson fans, here’s your chance to SHINE!


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  1. Hey Carol it would be helpful to have a contact number or email so if someone wants to bid the know who to contact if we post to FB, etc.

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