Peace, Truce

It must be too late at night because I do not know where my camera is… sometimes… sigh.

Well, I’ll save today’s story for another time, I guess.

And tomorrow is the chili cookoff and auction and tshirt sale to benefit the Fire Department, so I’ll be sharing that tomorrow.  Direct donations can be made to the Fire Department at PO Box 405 with the zip of 82442.  If you’d like a tshirt, a check can be sent to Ten Sleep Ambulance at 2946 E. Highway 16.  Same town, same zip!  Once we place an order, it’ll be two weeks before we get them.  If you’re ordering long distance… please be patient with us!

I guess that leaves me with having to share some sad news.  I found dear little Truce dead last night.  I don’t know what got him… I know it wasn’t my dogs because they were locked in the yard.  It could have been anything, eagle, hawk, fox, coyote… When I found him, he hadn’t been gone that long… there was no rigor, no obvious signs of trauma.  Thinking back on it, Eden howled about an hour before I found him… something she hasn’t done very often and not on her own.  I wonder if she heard something.

Poor little guy.

I guess I’ll be on the lookout for another mouser.  Cats easily come and go on ranches… while a predator in their own right, they do turn out to be prey as well.  Sometimes they just disappear and you never know what happened to them.

He was very good with the little kids and chickens… and he de-moused my studio!

He’ll be missed.  May you rest in Peace, Truce!


Peace, Truce — 8 Comments

  1. Condolences on the passing of Truce. To the many readers of “Red Dirt In My Soul”, please consider mailing a donation check to the Ten Sleep Fire Department.

  2. I’m so sorry about Truce. Losses are never easy, but they are a part of living with and loving animals.

    Hope the fund-raisers are a huge success! Wish I could get there to bid on the Johnson books. I’m so grateful to you for bringing them to my attention; I love Longmire!

  3. So sorry to hear about Truce. Hoping you all have a GREAT day on Saturday. Would be joining you but the POND is in the way and I’ll be travelling home from a wonderful few days with 10 month grandson. Need to catch up on my sleep!!!!

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