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Sometimes having all these outbuildings is a blessing… and sometimes a curse.  It means you have room to store STUFF, which means you have a tendency to store STUFF.  Honestly, I’m not too ashamed (most of the time) to dig out some old toys for my grandkids instead of buying something new, because in all that STUFF is a fair amount of good quality toys…

After a walk…

creekwalkQuinlan and I rescued an old favorite…

This little cabinet belonged to Vernon’s mom when she was a kid.  Four little girls played Kitchen way back when.  Then their kids played with it as they passed it between them.  Then my kids played with it, and their little plastic plates and cups and pans were still in it.

cabinetQuinlan was more than happy to dry the dishes as I washed everything down with bleach water.  We then moved it into the house… and in seconds, this little cabinet was cooking away.  I soon had scrambled eggs and cheese and hot tea with cream and sugar…

This cabinet can still cook!

cooking kids


Still Cook — 5 Comments

  1. How cute and enjoyable!

    Just wondered if anyone you know might have use for a new roll of chain link fence, probably 40 feet long? Reasonable price! We are trying to pare down!

  2. That’s the kind of “stuff” to save, for sure! Looks like the kids had a lot of fun, and will continue to cook for you. 🙂

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