Exciting Day

Wednesday I stayed home from work and watched Quinlan and Lorelei.  About 11:30, I had put Lorelei down for a nap and was playing with Quinlan when I noticed the smell of smoke.  Looking up, it was a *holy-cow-there’s-smoke* moment!  I just happened to glance at the heating vent under my bar and there was smoke coming out of it!!!  Oh, MY GOODNESS!

I grabbed the phone and dialed Brandon.  I’d seen him headed home a few minutes before, and hoped to catch him.  While the phone rang, I ran downstairs to the furnace room.  The door knob wasn’t hot, so I looked in, nothing extraordinary here.  I quickly ran to the other rooms.  On my way back I met Quinlan following me.

“Hey, Quinlan, get your boots on!”


“Yes, now, put your boots on!”

We rushed out the door, and I happened to see Brandon down at the stackyard, 3/4 of a mile away.  I have an old school bell outside my door… we went to ringing it!  I added my “dog whistle” just in case Brandon thought Quinlan was just playing.  When I saw the pickup headed my way, Quinlan was instructed to keep ringing the bell, and I ran inside to get Lorelei.  Still sound asleep, I wrapped her in a blanket and headed outside.  The smoke wasn’t getting worse, and there wasn’t any coming out of the vent anymore…  I still hesitated to call the fire department… because, well, this far out of town… WE are the closest fire department.

Brandon searched the house… and looked again.  The smoke was thinning… and I cautiously took the kids back inside.  I opened some windows and doors… and soon Vernon was home for lunch as well.  He couldn’t find anything, and the smoke had left.  It was a mystery.

Today the furnace company came and did an inspection.  Everything passed with flying colors… my furnace is fine.  We’d had the ducts cleaned last fall, so it remains a mystery.

It definitely made the middle of my day exciting… but, there’s no need to repeat this!  Especially with kids in my house!



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  1. Very thankful things turned out OK – must have been very scary, especially when you have precious little ones there. Sounds like Quinlan was a big help with the bell! I have friends who just found a stash of little nuts
    in their dryer! Some critter got in and – voila! it was a big surprise when my friends got back from Florida and used the dryer…no fire, just
    crazy popping sounds!

  2. Whoa! Hopefully it was as simple as a bug getting fried in the furnace or furnace wiring. My husband is an electrician and he’s talked about stuff like that happening before. Praying that it wasn’t anything more serious and that it doesn’t happen again!

  3. A grammaw can certainly do without that kind of excitement! I just wish you could know what caused the smoke. Glad all turned out well.

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