National Poetry Month

Working at the library today, we started to set up for April, National Poetry Month.  We’re not really big on poetry… I must confess… but the boss had a great idea.  She has some old metal trays and I spent some quality time on Amazon buying magnetic poetry kits.  Since I promoted it at the school this morning, I had to set them up to be ready for the afternoon classes of kids.

So the setup looks like this.

poetry monthA stand, a tray, and a set of magnetic words.  I bought different sets including Nature, Haiku, Poet, Book Lover, Large Print, Kid Genius, Story Maker (for little kids – has sentence phrases), Geek, Pirate, and, yes, Zombie!  I had set up some words to kick off imaginations… and by the end?

poetry monthAnd this…

Nature poemand this…

poetryThe Zombie had been picked up, forgot to take a photo of pirate… but this!

This is my favorite!!!!!

favorite poemRead that as “Open the book.  Tell the world that magic wanders.  Create a new page, chapter, and story.  Love a library.  Write a dream.”


****Side note.  I’m taking a little trip tomorrow, but neverfear!  I have a great guest post planned!  So great, in fact, that you have the chance to WIN a marvelous prize. I guarantee a laugh or two on top of that, so you can’t lose!  Come back tomorrow for sure!****


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