Rescued and Reclaimed

Okay.  LONNNG day yesterday, got home at midnight.  No, wasn’t gonna post.  Pretty good day today too, and it’s 11 pm, and I figured if I didn’t say SOMETHING, maybe some of you would start to worry!

First of all, a BIG THANK YOU to Kari Lynn Dell who was my guest blogger Friday night.  I sure hope some of you went to her site to sign up to win her ebook!  I would have posted it a few more times, but I wasn’t that close to a computer!

So, I went to Montana Friday with my sister.  Big Sky Country welcomed me as a big sky should.

big skyThat was a midnight evening, too!

The next day was all for this…

rescued and reclaimedThe Rescued and Reclaimed Fair in Billlings was our destination.

Tons of fun… bought a couple of things… and one I passed on that lingers in my mind…

This rug…

rugThis is crewel work… the back is pristine and it doesn’t look like it was walked on.  The colors, the crazy quilt look… I loved it.  I probably should have bought it.  I didn’t… and now… sigh.

Lots more to tell… but, three long days and maybe another tomorrow???? Ugh.

Headed to bed, can’t wait to show you what I DID buy!


Rescued and Reclaimed — 6 Comments

  1. “Rescued and Reclaimed” sounds like super fun! better than most garage sales and flea markets!! The rug is amazing; I’d wonder who made it, what it’s history is. I’m sure you found other treasures to enjoy.

  2. Some consolation might be that if you did buy it, no one would want to walk on it! Looking forward to tomorrow to see what you did buy!

  3. Do you mean this is solid crewel work? Was it hand done? It’s remarkable. I’ve done some crewel work and the amount of time this represents is staggering.

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