When I Can

Seems like I’ve been going and going… Well, at least driving and driving!  Up to Billings Friday and back on Saturday, then a trip to Shoshoni Sunday and again today!  If I can stay out of a car tomorrow I’ll be happy!

Yes, for those who commented about me passing up that crewel rug… Believe me, I’m regretting it!  I thought I had picked up her card, but of course, I can’t find it… Poo.

I can’t share pics of other items I bought, because they’re gifts… But I will after the fact!

Victoria and her family have come for a couple of days of spring break.  I didn’t get my act together and get in there soon enough to use my big computer and, therefore, my photos for tonight’s post.

I’ll share more when I can, if I can make myself blog earlier than 10 pm!



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  1. You are so faithful to your blog! Your readers appreciate all the creativity and time spent to write, select photos, and make it so interesting to us. Enjoy your family on their spring visit!

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