Fairs and Fires

Holy cow, seems like I haven’t written in FOREVER.

First, a BIG THANK YOU to Kari Lynn Dell for her guest blog last Friday.  Some of you signed up to win her ebook and the winners are… Della and Judy!  While that contest has ended, you can still sign up for her Rock Soup for the Cowboy Soul subscription.  If you like to laugh and like ranch life, I’d definitely recommend it!

Then there was the Rescued and Reclaimed Fair.  Just so you know, with help from their Facebook page, I investigated my rug… and yes, someone was smarter than me… and bought it.  They are lucky, lucky people.  Oh, well…  There were so many great ideas there on remaking or reusing items.

Rescued Reclaimed

bird houses


I really liked this table, mainly because the top has such character!  I’ve been wanting a narrow table with storage for wine below… I think I could do this.

So, after this, my sister and I went to the antique store.  That took the rest of the day!  I bought a toy for the grandkids, and I’ll get a picture of that later.  They may not be old enough for it.  We finally decided to leave Billings around 7 pm.  Our route takes us 15 miles west to Laurel, Montana, where we head south for Wyoming.  Unfortunately, high winds created dust storms, and flared up some wildfires, and it all contributed to a crash on the interstate.

traffic jamI got to experience a traffic jam.  Last one I was in was when we took the kids to Disneyland a zillion and a half years ago.  It took us an hour to go 15 miles.  I was very happy to head south to Wyoming!

Sunday after sleeping in a bit, I helped Vernon.  First of all with this…

bottle babyHis momma was temporarily confused and took off.  She came back later so he only got a couple of bottles off of us…

Then the cows got out…

Then I saw a Cool Goose…

And Dally and I took a trip!

I’ll have to write about those things tomorrow though!


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    • No, didn’t get the table, too much $$$. But I may try to make one like it! There’s another show like it in Sheridan in a few weeks.

  1. That table is wonderful. If only it could tell its story. Traffic jams will be many this weekend. Holidays and repair works on major rail networks = more cars on the road!!

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