Cool Goose

Some of you made some guesses about yesterday’s photo… and what was unique about it.  You’re right in that the baby calf was Brand New.  At most, he was two hours old!  But although they seemed to be the focus of that picture, what I wanted you to notice was at the top left.

gooseskitchCan you see that?  Well, I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t seen it from the beginning…

goose landingTwo Canada geese land on the outcrop.  One stayed, one left almost immediately.

Canada gooseI zoomed in.

She stood there a while.

Then she saw Vernon following the cow and new calf.

Canada goose on guardAha!  She has a nest on the tippy top of this mound… She was on guard!

on guard

As Vernon walked below, I yelled at him to see if he could spot her.  From his view, he could see only her head.  She kept a close eye on him.

It was pretty cool… I’d probably never spotted her, but I can look every time I drive by now.


Cool Goose — 4 Comments

  1. Very special. Great that you got to see her. I have a couple nesting by my pond. It will be fun to watch them grow.
    Hope you have a blessed Easter.

  2. I figured it was probably something in that general area, but I couldn’t see a thing. Still wouldn’t see it if you didn’t point it out. Pretty cool!

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