Springtime Fun

Busy day.

Remember that toy I bought at the antique store in Billings?  This is it.

row cartIt’s a Row Cart.  I think it’s still a little too big for the grandkids, but Quinlan tried it out for the first time.  Of course, the only stretch of pavement is the floor of the shop… Somehow, I don’t think I’d be up for Grandmother of the Year if I had them out on the highway…

row cart and QThen we switched to the classic favorite of pounding nails…

pounding nailsThis afternoon I spent helping the guys out by dragging the field.  Growing up in Casper, Wyoming, we always power raked our yard, pulling out all the old dead grass.  People in more humid places always looked at us like we were nutso, but it takes things a while to decompose in dry Wyoming, and dead grass would choke out the new growth.  My parents always had a gorgeous lawn…  So this is kind of like it, except we don’t pick it up and haul pickup loads away!  We use this.

rakeIt has some teeth that drag into the grass, lifting up trampled poo and hay so that the grass underneath can breathe and grow.  I was going to pull it with my little white mini-truck, but it doesn’t have any kind of hitch on it, so I used Vernon’s little Ranger instead.

ranger rakeWe just go over the parts where we fed hay this past winter.  It definitely encourages growth, and the guys were happy to get the help… plus it’s a great way to listen to a good book!


Springtime Fun — 4 Comments

  1. That pounding nails picture has some really amusing perspective in it, if it catches your eye the right way! 🙂 The cart looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Your a great Grandma to get them something that not only gives them pleasure, but makes them work for it. Wish more folks would think like that.
    Mine is not nearly as large (wish it was) that I use in my hay field.

  3. What a great toy. The grandkids will love it as they grow into it and you’ll have such pleasure watching them.

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