Minute Movie: “Swish, Dally”

So… it’s not really “swish” , more like “swiss”, but I figured “Swiss Dally” might conjure up something entirely different than my fat little dog chasing a cow!  Some people might spell it “Pssst”, but I have no “p” in my little command.  “Sssssss” looks snaky.

Anyway… here’s a little Minute Movie from last week… just a gentle little “sic ’em” to keep the cow from coming down where we were working on the electric fence.

No, Dally did not pull a muscle… she stepped on a sticker… and she’s fine!


Minute Movie: Swish, Dally from Carol Greet on Vimeo.


Minute Movie: “Swish, Dally” — 4 Comments

  1. What?! You *laugh* when your trusty cow dog pulls a muscle?!?!!? Tsk tsk 😉
    I’m glad it was “only” a sticker (OUUUCH!!!) but wonder: do you assist your trusty cowdog in removing the painful thing, or is Dally on her own here? (Q for your next Q&A!!)
    Thanks for the little video! Great to catch a glimpse of (poor “out of shape and fat”) Dally working. Excellent job, Dally, well done!
    (I used to use a very similar ssst sound for the command “come” –to come when called being a city dog’s most important job, you know.)

  2. Stickers are nasty things. We even have to worry about them here in the city (Los Angeles ares). Dally’s tough, just as a cow dog should be!

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