Ponies Waiting

Got ready to sit down and write… Where’s my camera?????  After a trip out to check the vehicles, it occurred to me, it’s probably still in my bee barn from this afternoon’s quick check.  Way to go.

The bees seem to be ok, I had returned to remove the queen cages and check that they were still there.  Both queens were out, although my Beebylon (formerly Messopotamia hive – thanks, Susan L., for the name!) seemed to be quiet.  It was windy and my Golden Mean hive was also a bit quiet… so I hope that’s all that it is.

We moved cows today.  A pretty short and, today, at least, a fairly easy trip.  Sometimes it’s not so, but having the cows spend the night on fresh grass sure helps!  Tomorrow’s trip may not be so easy!  Those cows just might quit us when they hit fresh grass.

We also kicked out the steers after we had returned from the first bunch and grabbed lunch.  Yearling steers move much faster!  Half the time it’s in the wrong direction, but at least they move!  I took Eden along for that little trip.  What an eye-opening experience for her!  She shadowed my horse exactly, making me nervous that she would get excited and nip him in the heels… but she never did, thank goodness!  It was just her and Tuff and she was pretty clueless.  I think she may have been worried about me being up on top of Panama… come to think of it, she really hasn’t seen me on horseback since that one little bit last winter.

She’ll pick up cow work again, once she has Lucas or Dally back with her.  I just didn’t think three dogs were necessary on yearlings!

I guess tonight you get a photo from yesterday… The ponies are waiting for their riders…





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