R U Dun?

More cows.


More riding.


More sun.


More fun!


(Vernon said he had to take a picture of me because my dog matches my horse perfectly!  So is Panama a sable or is Eden a dun???  “Eden, are you dun?”)


R U Dun? — 7 Comments

  1. Panama is a dun sable and Eden is a sable dun. Both are gorgeous, so they don’t have to fight about it.

    And yes, you dun good.

  2. Carol, I loved the variety of backgrounds that framed all the nice pictures today. Such natural beauty and inspiration. And it was real special to see you on Panama with Eden who doesn’t look like she is “dun” with her work for the day…a little tired maybe~!?

  3. Can’t say on the color, but you sure do match nicely. 🙂 You have such a way with your dogs! I love how Eden is shadowing you.

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