Happy Birth Day

We’d like to welcome grandchild #7 to the fold!

Matthew Lawson Davis joins his twin brothers Waylon and Wyatt Davis.  He was born six hours before his scheduled C-section… an overachiever?  He was a healthy 7 pounds, 11 ounces and 21″ long.  Everyone is doing fine.

Like his brothers, the parents prefer his face not appear on the internet… but there may be a story or two about him along the way anyway!

Happy birth day, Matthew!


Happy Birth Day — 15 Comments

  1. Put another leaf in the table! Congratulations to parents and the whole family. Carol,you’d better get some strong vitamin pills.

  2. How wonderful! Congratulations on the new arrival…so happy for you all as you welcome Matthew to your family. Sending many blessings to him today.

  3. Congratulations Carol on the arrival of Mathew. Wishing you lots of hugs and fun with him as he gets to know you. Very special times ahead.

  4. Wow! Seven grands and the oldest is three? Four of them just up and down the road and all of them within a hundred miles of you? You and Vernon are set up for lots of fun and frolic in the next years. Congratulations.

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