Spring Beauty

I hope you can bear with me for another Wyoming wildflower…

It’s crazy busy here…

Spring Beauties… known for blooming just as snowdrifts recede from above their heads!  Also, their little corms are edible, I’ve baked them in foil in some coals… very much like a baked potato – but tinier!

spring beautyP.S.  Happy First Birthday to you, little Miss Lorelei.  You are a spring beauty as well!


Spring Beauty — 3 Comments

  1. I am really enjoying these recent posts about your wildflowers. This one looks very delicate, and the variegated colors on the petals are lovely. Happy First Birthday to Miss Lorelei!

  2. I love to see the wild flowers, to know their names and facts about them. Poetry sort of goes over my head a lot of the time, so poetic posts are a bit of a miss with me. Of the flower photos, I really like this one. I love most everything about Spring and flowers are very high on the list of reasons why!
    Happy Birthday to Miss Lorelei!

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