Nothing like a deadline to kick me into gear!  I’ll be heading back to help Victoria some more with baby Matthew, so I had to get stuff done around here.

I did manage to do a fair amount, though, as usual… never as much as I thought I could do!  My yard is raked again (and sticks hauled away) and most of it is mowed (and added to my hugelkultur bed) and some of it was watered!  A smidge of laundry was done.  Potato rows were made and planted, along with some potatoes in a straw bale just to see how it works.  I also planted carrots and peas/flowers in their own bales as well.  You can see how a bit of top soil is spread on top to create the seedbed.  My drip hose was wired down into place to make sure it stayed in its place.


straw bale gardening

This is oat straw… and I have a pretty good volunteer stand on this one bale!

oat baleIt won’t bother me, I’ll just plant here any way.

I also checked on my bees and cleaned my kitchen.  My eyes are slamming shut, so I hope this makes sense!

Hey, it’s a new month, so let’s do a Q&A… C’mon, ask me a question and I’ll try to answer it!


Deadline — 4 Comments

  1. Here in the Sierra Nevada foothills in California we really didn’t have any sustained winter weather at all: temperatures were much warmer than normal, and there was very little precipitation. Did you experience a typical Wyoming winter?

  2. Kind of off the usual topic, but I am wondering how the eruption of Mt. St. Helen’s affected your ranch back in 1980? (ack! that is 35 years ago and sure doesn’t seem possible).

  3. You’ve talked about different groups of cows. Are these groups stable? I mean, do the same cows stay together all the time, or does membership shift around? Does adding new cows to a group change the dynamics?

  4. I had asked this question on an earlier post, but maybe this is the better time to ask it. You had posted about a couple of cows that were babysitting about 25 calves and I wondered how long the sitter sits, how far away the cows go, do they have some sort of pecking order to determine who is watching the “kids”, and how long a sitting job lasts. I just think it is so very interesting that cows use a daycare system!

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