Mountain Meadow Wool

I arrived home this evening, having to abandon Victoria and the boys to get some work done around here before I have to work Wednesday and Thursday.

On my way through Buffalo… I didn’t stop at any antique stores or hardware stores but I did finally accomplish something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and that was track down Mountain Meadow Wool Mill.  Now, you know I usually get my wool from Lucy’s Sheep Camp over near Thermopolis, but this is a MILL… meaning HUGE area for carding machines and spinning and a dye area and felting rollers and all sorts of large scale wool production machines!  It was right next to the sale barn… where I’ve posted photos from bull sales we’ve attended, so, duh…

Anyway, a tour was just ending when I arrived and I wandered the little store looking at dryer balls and wool yarn and socks and gloves and blankets.  When one of the ladies giving the tour acted like she was finished, I asked “Do you have any roving?”  There was none on display, and I’d never been there before, so I didn’t find it to be *too* silly of a question.  “Sure,” she said, “Want to see some?”

I then proceeded to get a partial tour and look at all the wool!  I think I told her *twice* that I’d LOVE to work there if I could play with all that stuff!  It definitely got my creative juices geared up, they can do so much there… custom orders and all… I ended up with some absolutely gorgeous green roving, Rambouillet with Churro, so it has this dark depth to it… heathery and beautiful, and a teal Rambouillet that caught my eye as well.

I couldn’t help but get ideas for their store… It gave me something to think about driving over the mountain!  Why would I be thinking about store displays and fiber arts and roving and felting?  I don’t know, but like I told Valerie, I sure would like to work there, although the commute would be a long one!

If you’re in the country, call for a tour, and see what they have.  I dare you to walk out of there without buying anything!


Mountain Meadow Wool — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Carol, I get all my wool processed at Mountain Meadow Mill– they do a fantastic job and I don’t have to mail it anywhere – just pack it in the horse trailer and drive over the mountain. I have LOTS of natural colored and white Churro wool if you are ever interested. Read your blog every day but don’t comment too often!

  2. The Busy Bee cafe in Buffalo is back in business, or it was when we were there last July. I think I’ll try to see the Mountain Meadows Mill when I visit Buffalo this year for Longmire Days.

  3. Very interesting! I would like to take a tour of that shop sometime. When we were snowmobiling we went through Buffalo often. One stormy night we had to spend the night in a cafe there in a cafe. That was interesting with all the stranded travelers! We used to enjoy stoppong at the Busy Bee little cafe there by the stream until it seems to have disappeared. That is such an interesting town. I’d like to see a picture of the roving you bought to get an idea of the color. Especially after you get it made up.

    Seeing Joanne’s responce makes me sad that we missed that first Longmire show last night. Have to remember it next Monday.

  4. Glad you managed a look around the mill. Seeing all those colours and textures gets our creativeness fired up. Look forward to seeing what you create. Great weekend in UK welcoming Princess Charlotte into our world AND watching Ep1, S3 of Longmire, now on free TV.

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