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Before I forget… which I have the past few days… it’s time for another Q&A.  Just post a question in the comment section and I’ll try to answer them soon.


Well, more garden is in the ground, straw is hauled for baby chicks (though the coop isn’t really cleaned yet!), lawn mower is repaired and in service (though there is much more to do!), and my house is clean(er).

I do feel like I accomplished something today.  I tried to focus on the outside stuff because they’re predicting cooler temperatures and rainshowers for the next few days.  We could certainly use the moisture, so I won’t complain, and it gave me an excuse to do “outside” chores.

If it rains… I have little Matthew’s quilt to finish up.  I just have to bind the top and bottom together, I wasn’t going to put batting in this, he may not need it too much during the summer.  An evening of rain would be great for me to accomplish this!  Pictures will show up one of these days…

Somehow, I haven’t been packing my camera around, so no photos from today.

But since this is a photographic journal…

Let’s go with some more branding photos from the other day!  This is Ben…

BenNow this might have been a fair photo, but Brandon’s right arm in the background makes it look like Ben has two!


Don’t lose that Swisher, Ben!


Coil it and go back for more…


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  1. Q: Carol, how in the world do you get done all that you do!? You are just amazing. Do you ever get tired out, or have a day off! (And you are a helpful gramma to several little ones too!) Wow! Whew! Kudos! 🙂

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