A Wonderful, Beautiful Thing

It has been raining here… a wonderful, beautiful thing!  When you live in such an arid climate, rain is a thing to be celebrated!  Of course, there are plenty of people who are whining, plans ruined, more work, and I understand… but to listen to the earth drink in the raindrops, to hear plinks on a tin roof, to see the rivulets gather in draws and turn into streams that fill reservoirs, to know the mud that grazes your calf as you step out of your car is fleeting, to know that prairie flowers will shoot out of the ground like jack-in-the-boxes, to see dust washed off of trees and sagebrush, to see the air cleaned and freshened with a scent that does NOT smell like anything labeled “rain fresh”, to know that we walk the fine line between “normal” and “drought” and today we are winning!  Well, I just can’t be critical.


Matthew's quilt

Here’s the top to Matthew’s quilt… I started doing a bit of quilting connecting it to a flannel back… I would accomplish more if I wasn’t so glued to the tv watching “Unbroken”… but it was a good movie!  I’ll then bind it with more of the blue/green stripe material…


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A Wonderful, Beautiful Thing — 5 Comments

  1. Carol,,,do you have any more mugs for sale? Mine sprung a leak and it’s the only one I ever use! Would love to purchase another if you any one ( or 2).

  2. I live in rain country (Clatskanie, OR) and even though we tend to have more than our share of the stuff, I still enjoy it for all the reasons you listed. Plus, I feel blessed not to have to worry about water. Your quilt is beautiful and, I must say, you are a very busy lady with a wide variety of interests and talents.

  3. A wonderful colourful quilt Carol. So many triangles and small squares that you have joined so well. Small pieces are my downfall with my quilts so I tend to stick to log cabin style and if I can find a large panel……… Even better as I’ll use that as the top, hand stitch it together, then join borders until it is the right size. Matthew will love to snuggle under your quilt in a cold Wyoming winter. My summer project is to turn a panel of 6 framed wild horses, tones of sand, blue sky and grey, into a quilt.

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