Enjoying Ourselves


We’re up to 1.34″ so far, with more predicted!  There’s also a huge snowstorm going to hit eastern Wyoming, although it is supposed to miss us.  Hopefully, everyone over there has their livestock in a sheltered spot and plastic over their tomatoes if they’ve planted them already.

My chicks were due today… but since I really didn’t know when to start counting the days… it was a guess and I failed.  I had plans to put the new chicks outside in my dog kennels, letting them have time to bond and not get fought over or killed by the other chickens, but with the cold weather, and lack of chicks for the moment!, I left the other hens out there instead.  I don’t know if I should be worrying or not, but that’s what I could think of doing… any other ideas?

Every once in a while, I’ve checked, and I think I can see some slight movement in an egg…

setting hensI don’t mess with them much, and never remove the hen more than this.  But I thought you’d like a photo!

I’m making myself a present for Mother’s Day… if I finish it tomorrow, I’ll be lucky!  I’m also working on the quilt for Matthew if I’m sitting down on the couch.  We will be branding soon and he and his family will be here to help… I need to concentrate and get it done!!!!

Otherwise, we’re just hanging out in the rain… enjoying ourselves.

soggy Eden

Last chance for a question… yes, I’ll answer them soon!


Enjoying Ourselves — 4 Comments

  1. Question: “A Look Back in Time” tells me that M.C. has been/is doing a phenomenal job with rebuilding your blog. Some time ago, you said that M.C. had completed 2012 – but now, from 2009 through 2014, *all the photos are there*!!! Amazing and totally awesome! Is M.C. all caught up and finished with her labor of love for Red Dirt In My Soul?

  2. So with a rare May snowstorm, would the cows and calves be rounded up and moved to shelter and fed hay ? happy Mothers Day. So nice you have 7 grand children to enjoy.

  3. Happy Mothers Day Carol. The babies will be fine. Mom will take care of them. I’ve raised lots of chicks. Well, the hens did. Wish we had your rain.

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