The corral where we brand is about a football field away from where most people park their pickups and horsetrailers.  We had finished and I abandoned the corral quickly, heading to the big metal shop to set out lunch.  On my journey over, I followed J.’s horse.  He was quitting the country.

hobblesWell, ok, he was headed back to the horsetrailer… J. had tried to stop this by hobbling his horse, but some horses are smart and figure out how to move with hobbles on!  We used to hobble horses all the time at Girl Scout National Center West, some would twist themselves in a circle, never lifting their front hooves, some stood obediently, and some could go almost as fast in hobbles as they did without!

J.’s horse is one of the latter!

hobblesIt’s a rhythm thing…





hobblesWho Me????

Did I just leave my cowboy afoot?  Uh………. maybe.




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  1. Awesome pictures! The white horse’s name is Frog! Horses have to earn a name with us. Frog jumped a tall green panel once and thus the name stuck! Feel free to use any information about us. 🙂

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