Branding Pics

rideJust hanging around, watching everything!

LaceeLacee has her own vantage point.

boysJaxon helps dad hold the calf, while Quinlan marks the calf’s back with chalk.

dallyVernon dallies his calf.

dog rideKay, one of my “pups”, takes a ride on the pallet.  Yes, she stays on!

edenI’m not supposed to be here, but you can’t see me.


Branding Pics — 3 Comments

  1. Very heartwarming to see your family all working together, and even the little ones (the next generation) are there learning the family business from the ground up! You are blessed, Carol. Thanks again for sharing it with us.

  2. Your pictures give us a great insight to the world of branding. Reading and seeing what your day has been like is a nice way to start my day. Thanks.

  3. Thank you , Carol, for my first real smile of the day and I’m getting ready for bed after midnight!! So that will tell you what kind of a day it was. Everyone looks like they are enjoying what they’re doing and I love how all the kids are involved already.

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