It Rained

Definitely not a big day today… babysitting and a wedding comprised my “easy” day…

The guy who got married is a “neighbor” up the road a few miles, and a friend of my boys.

Now the weather the past week hasn’t been perfect for weddings, rain and clouds and more rain and more clouds, and, sure enough, today was rainy and cloudy.  The setting is absolutely gorgeous and it was perfect.  And it rained.

mylesOne of the groomsmen might look familiar.  And it rained.

DanielThere were lots of people in attendance, but many chose to stand instead of sitting on the wet wooden benches.  And it rained.


I can’t imagine being the photographer… my camera had spots on the lens and had trouble focusing… and it rained.

photographerStill, it was gorgeous.  It rained.

weddingweddingEveryone still smiled.  The wedding cake topper generated some more smiles… It rained.

cake topper

It was wonderfully sweet seeing M. dance with his mom to Chris LeDoux’s “Western Skies”…

danceBut there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when J. danced with her dad to the theme from “Beauty and the Beast”.  Oh, my.  My eyes may have rained just a tad bit.

beautyWelcome officially to Red Dirt Country, J.!  You and your wedding dress have it ingrained in you already!

What joy and life bringing water graced your wedding day, M. and J.!  Congratulations!

(P.S. It was raining when we left!)


It Rained — 6 Comments

  1. Oh yes. A wonderful wedding, in a wonderful ‘church’. As for the rain, well it was just blessings from heaven. Wishing the happy couple much happiness in the years to come.

  2. An absolutely beautiful wedding, the bride, the dress, the people and the gorgeous setting–never seen such a beautiful “church”. Thanks for sharing this heartwarming wedding with us (who cares about the old rain anyway!). Sending many blessings to the happy couple.

  3. Her dress with the red dirt is so sweet! Many blessings to the newly married couple!

    I know we needed the rain, but y’all Texas needs to be done for a week or two! 🙂

  4. Beautiful wedding with God blessing it. Not sure you read my report to your last blog. But, 6 wonderful new English Shepherds arrived here yesterday evening with nurse K in attendance. Lark is doing well and being the best mommy.

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