Life is Good

Yes, it rained.

There’s rockslides in Wind River Canyon by Thermopolis, off and on Powder River Pass has been closed.  You can’t get there from here unless it’s NORTH!  While the creek is running high, not much damage has been done…  (yes, that’s snow on the mountains further south)

high waterThe guys are having to AI the heifers in all this slop… which is not good and it can affect conception rates…

Daniel’s 27th birthday was today as well.  Poor guy always has to work hard on his birthday!  But his helpers tonight brought a few smiles.

candleLacee cakeDaddy’s present of a new rope was great fun for the girls, too!

new ropeFinish it off with a gorgeous thunderhead over the buffalo trail… life is good!



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  1. Ahhhh… beautiful out there. Going to miss it this year. Memories of a flash flood and lightning like I’ve never seen before or likely again. And family. They make our lives and give us purpose, don’t they? Happy birthday to Daniel!

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